Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reflections on Adoption

Who was adopted in scripture?

Pharaoh’s daughter adopted Moses
Mordecai adopted Esther
Jacob adopted Ephraim and Manesseh
Eli “adopted” Samuel

Amazing fact: God sent his very Son to earth without a biological earthly father. Joseph adopted Jesus. Rhonda and I had never thought about this before someone at the adoption agency (America World) pointed it out to us. I have read the story in scripture a thousand times and missed it. The adoption ceremony is recorded right in scripture.

An angel appears to Joseph. Among other things he commands Joseph to name the baby Jesus (Matthew 1:21). This is significant. Jewish baby boys weren’t named until the 8th day – during the circumcision ceremony. During the ceremony (recorded in Luke 2) the father was the one who would name the child. Who named Jesus? Joseph (Matthew 1:24). And when he did he was saying, “This is my son.”

Scripture teaches that when we become followers of Christ God adopts us too. I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I’m adopting Ethiopians. They don’t have anything at all that they could give me that I couldn’t already get myself. Some people would say they have nothing to offer me except their love. That’s OK with me. That’s all I want anyway.

What a great picture of God’s relationship with us!


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