Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Battles With a 3-Year-Old

I'm told this is completely normal for a kid this age. Guess I've forgotten.

An absolutely adorable make-Daddy's-heart-melt sweetheart can suddenly turn into a bawling wreck for no apparent reason. Meke's been testing our boundaries. I'm told that's normal too.

Today was her (and Daddy's) first (and second) experience with "time out". She and Neti were coloring together and very nicely sharing crayons. For no apparent reason Meke decided she was sole owner and controller of anything made of colored wax. I nicely asked her to share (one of the words she should understand by now). Not liking the suggestion she threw the crayons across the floor.

I have to admit I wasn't prepared. Unlike SuperNanny, I hadn't thought through which would be the "naughty" chair but knew something needed to happen quickly. After a firm "NO!" I escorted Meke to the closest chair (which also happens to be the most comfy in the house).

She knew she was in trouble but decided to test my will. Immediately she got off the chair. I picked her up and put her back. She cried. Determined not to lose she got up again. It took three times putting her back with three very firm looks before she realized Daddy meant business. She ended up serving her sentence well.

It wasn't more than 10 minutes later before the fun-loving cutie was at it again, this time stealing building blocks from Kailey. It could have ended well had she returned the blocks without throwing them in disgust. This time the guilty party served without a hint of insurrection.

I think she understands.

The two faces of a 3-year-old


At 5:21 PM , Anonymous kellYak said...

Welcome back to the toddler world. Next will be the "angry eyebrow" look.

At 10:00 PM , Blogger Bekah's Granny said...

Oh yes the little darling whom you just cuddled with and had smiles with turns before you know it. Then just as quicly they turn back into a doll again! Wish I knew why but the naughty spot works wonders for this.

At 11:18 AM , Blogger Carpenters said...

Tracy, thanks for keeping it real. It's great to see what we may have in store for us. Keep strong brother, because Meke is even cute when she's crying (although I'm sure with sound the cuteness factor lessens). ~Penelope


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