Thursday, January 25, 2007

Government Errors

At the risk of sounding bitter...

(I'm not)

As far as we can tell it's the government that requires this monumental pile of paperwork we've got to complete. And we've been told it has to be filled out to perfection. Any mistakes cause undue delays. We've done our part. So far no mistakes for us. Wish we could say the same for them.
  1. Notary public forgot to sign paperwork.
  2. Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation misspelled Rhonda's maiden name.
  3. Fingerprint agency followed wrong format.

All these have to be re-done - by us, of course. Funny they're not able to fill out their own forms right and we're expected to. I'm not bitter. Just a simple observation.

I'm smiling!

We're almost done with the paperwork. At least with our part. We're just waiting on - guess who?


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