Thursday, January 18, 2007

What the Girls Think

Every now and then I'm going to include the rest of the family in on this blogging stuff. I asked Bethany (11) and Kailey (9) a couple questions and recorded their answers below.

What makes you the most excited about the adoption?
Kailey: "That we're going to help kids from Africa who don't have a mom or a dad. And that we're going to have more people in our family."
Bethany: "That we're gonna get two more kids from Ethiopia and help them."

What do you like the least about the adoption so far?
Kailey: "That you have to spend so much time doing paperwork and so I can't spend as much time with Mom and Dad."
Bethany: "I don't like how long it takes. Nothing else bothers me so far."


At 5:26 AM , Blogger Our Ethiopian Adoption said...

It's Nemo-Nema's soon to be mom. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll check in on yours to.


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