Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Two Biggest Fears

There’s a lot of room for fear when you enter the realm of the unfamiliar and unknown. We entered that zone three months ago. But we’re finding that there’s a life-giving side to the unknown too. It’s called faith. Ours is growing daily. I’m amazed at how such “risky” behavior has changed us.

I use the word “risky” very cautiously here. I know that hundreds, if not thousands, of parents have already adopted internationally. Some have done it numerous times. But every one of them had a “first time”. They entered the realm of the unfamiliar and unknown too. Potential for fear and for faith.

There’s a lot we don’t know. These are the things we could fear:
1. Finances – Adoption fees are part of the picture. There’ll be two more mouths to feed, backs to clothe, college tuitions to pay, etc.
2. Safety – Ethiopia is the most stable country in the region. That’s not saying much. It’s surrounded by some pretty messed up countries (Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Chad, Eritrea, Yemen, Saudi Arabia). Not exactly places you’d choose to spend a vacation. In addition, recently there’s been some scuffling with Somalia.
3. Social Stuff – A white family with black children? We know there are challenges around the corner with that can of worms.

We’re OK with all of these risks. Really, we are. A year ago, no; but now, yes. These fears have been faith builders.

All that said I still have a few fears I’m working on. These fears aren’t for me. They’re for our adopted kids:
1. I fear that our children may not make the adjustment well. The oldest might be just old enough to understand that s/he doesn’t understand what’s going on.
2. I fear that people will treat our Ethiopian children as a “lesser” part of our family.

There. I’ve been honest. Now you can help me pray.


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