Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Someone Notify Jack

This has nothing to do with the adoption...just normal life.

For our regular readers from places like Alaska, Canada, Finland, and Sweden you probably won't consider this newsworthy at all. For the past 3 days it has been snowing in Toledo. We're running out of places to put it (at least not without a lot of extra work).

Last night Bethany and I shoveled for a few hours. (By the way, Kailey's been a little under the weather or she'd likely help too). We did ours and our neighbor's driveway. It snowed more and blew last night. So...we shoveled ours and our neighbor's driveways again. Everything we had done was undone. Two days in a row of shoveling a foot or more of snow. Then we moved down the street and helped a few other folks.

I'm working from home today. There's a Level 3 snow emergency. That means no one's supposed to be out on the roads without a good excuse. We had to take a break from shoveling to help push a truck that was helping with snow removal.

Our neighbor lady tells me she hasn't seen this much snow since the storm of '78. Another tells me that the wind was so strong that the weathermen can't decide how much snow actually fell. Another neighbor totaled his truck last night when the high winds spun it around as he was crossing the I-75 bridge. We've had several days of sub-zero windchills.

Evidently Jack Frost didn't get the memo about this global warming thing.

Bethany after the first day's storm

Bethany after last night's storm


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