Monday, February 05, 2007

The World's on Fire!

Today I'm wondering...

Will the world change before we get our kids?

The Middle East and Horn of Africa has been coming to a slow boil for the past 5 years. Things aren't getting any better. Iraq. Israel. Afghanistan. Al Qaeda. Somalia. Darfur. Chad... And Iran is planning to announce some sort of "giant achievements" on February 11 which will include "a dramatic declaration of their nuclear rights."

It's days like these when I'm tempted to do two things: worry and doubt.

Worry that our kids will be OK in such a tough region. Doubt that they will be.

But without these two little devils (worry and doubt, not our kids!!!) there wouldn't be potential for things far greater.

Faith. Hope. Trust.

Pray that the latter take hold, not the former.


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