Saturday, July 07, 2007

Day 2 - Saturday

At the airport in Addis Ababa

We're finally here after 27+ hours of solid travel. We met Getachew, the assistant to the Nazarene missionary at the Addis Ababa airport this morning and we're checked into the Hilton. (On Monday we meet Girmachew, our adoption agency's representative).

It's quite a different world here. We found out after arrival that there's no such thing as a room with two double beds. We're staying in a room with two SINGLE beds. Bethany and Kailey are sleeping on the floor as I type this.

Their "high speed" internet is slower than our dial up. It takes about 10 minutes to upload a picture.

We're on the 5th floor of the Hilton. Here's the view from our back door.

Every car on the road is beat up. VERY aggressive drivers! Even worse than Michigan drivers!!! Everyone honks, cuts people off, and weaves in and out of traffic. EVERYONE!
Time for a LONG nap. This is a recovery day. Tomorrow we're attending a Nazarene church.


At 7:00 AM , Blogger Dave said...

It's 7:00 a.m. Gibsonburg time and have been wondering how you all were doing, so these updates are GREAT. Weird to think it's, what, 1 or 2 pm there now. Keep the updates coming as you can and know we are all praying and throughly enjoy taking this journey with you, even though it's via cyber space. Mucho blessings!

At 5:41 PM , Blogger cjsanderson said...

I think I might have figured this out - I will continue to e-mail just incase I did not figure it out How God works - you meeting a family from Iowa and sharing the same plane with your new additions to your families. How great is that. Loving this blog! Love to all from Connie

At 7:24 PM , Anonymous Sue said...

Remember your wedding day? didn't think so... because it was such a huge day that our minds can't get around it. (Besides you were joining the Waal family and that takes extra grace :))
Don't let this trip be like that! Look around. Smell the air. Take notes. See the colors, the nature, the buildings. Look into people's eyes. Feel the breeze, notice things! Everything. Your girls will need you to help them remember.
Can't wait to hear from you!
Sue Van Hal

At 4:05 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

Waal Fam-
Thanks so much for posting updates on your visit!! It makes us feel like we are a part of it. I'll probably be checking this darn blog every half an hour now, just in case!!!!

Praying for your big day tomorrow . . .
Smith & Co


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