Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nothing Much You'd Be Interested In!

Our family seems to have hit its stride. I think I've said that before but I think we're hitting it even more. Noteworthy milestones are spaced much further apart than they used to be. We get the video camer out less and less. As families should, we're left celebrating things that only families can appreciate.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it seems we're daily surprised at the amount of English our girls pick up. (We should be at the point where we get surprised when we're surprised.) Most readers are probably thinking "would you get off the English thing? We're ready for something new."

If there was something new, I'd write about it. Our family is just normal. Period. (That's a good thing.)

(At least we consider ourselves normal.)

But back to English. One of Rhonda's friends visited the other night. After observing only a few interactions between Rhonda and Neti, her jaw dropped in amazement. She locked eyes with Rhonda and said, "Oh my goodness, she speaks English! When did that happen?" (She had just seen Neti a few weeks earlier).

We used to assume that the little girls from Ethiopia didn't know what we were saying at the dinner table. Not so anymore. Mouth full, Kailey announced that after dinner she was planning to play with what sounded like Lolly and Meke.

Neti indignantly replied, "Hey, I'm not no Lolly."


At 8:44 PM , Blogger cjsanderson said...

Saw Miss Mik and she said that she just loved Neti and that she was catching on fast to the English language. She also said that she knows that Neti's teacher loved her too and my response was "Who can help but love her wait until you meet Meke!" Miss you!!
Love to all

At 8:37 AM , Blogger Brian and Amanda said...

I stumbled across your adoption story and was hooked reading all your accounts, backwards! When I got to July 9th I read the mention of meeting Canadians in Ethiopia and I thought to myself, that sounds a lot like my husbands aunt and uncle and adopted daughter. So I did a little forwarding of blog addresses and quotes and Aunt Nelly emailed this morning that yes it was them that you met in Ethiopia on your "chance" meeting. And she was excited to get your blog link! Amazing how God works. My husband and I keep adoption in the back of our minds, that's why I like to read stories of others, but right now we are expecting our second little one in October. Who knows what God has in mind for us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, dreams, hopes and struggles along the way!
Amanda Luth, Ontario, Canada

At 9:27 AM , Blogger jen said...

No - the English thing is GREAT! It gives me hope that we might be normal too! When I read adoption books or think about all I've read, I can get very freaked out thinking about all the bad that *could* happen. So thanks for the reminders that normal is achievable!

At 7:21 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

Like Connie, I also spoke to Miss Mik. We both commented on what a sweet girl Neti can't help but fall in love with her! Her giggle & smile are overwhelming at times. :-) I always look forward to the days when I have Mrs. Rollins class for music because I know Neti will be coming through my classroom doors with that smile. She's catching on to the songs so quickly! :-) You have an amazing family! Miss you all!


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