Saturday, September 01, 2007

Who Vacations THERE?!?!?!

Who in their right mind travels to Marion, Indiana, for a weekend getaway?

You guessed it!

My parents traveled from Iowa to Marion for a family reunion. Since it's only 3 hours away, it was a good chance for Grandpa and Grandma Waal to meet the girls. Plus we have two students from our church who are attending Indiana Wesleyan University this year. Marion seemed like the place to be this Labor Day weekend.

Meke began chanting "Ga-lampa Wol, Ga-lamma Wol" when we were about 10 minutes out. (Any word with an "R" in the middle of it gets a bonus syllable.) The girls took to them immediately. Nothing awkward at all about the first meeting. In fact, the day ended like this:

Meke laughing at the orangutan at the Fort Wayne Zoo.

Neti and Bethany with a long-dead elephant.

Kailey's Dream Date!

Can't go anywhere without someone breaking something!

Caffeine-infused train ride

Lots of fun, but probably something we'll eventually be arrested for.
Long Day!


At 9:36 AM , Anonymous Holly said...

Well, hmmm. Apparently you're NOT the only ones who would spend your Labor Day weekend in Marion, Indiana. :)

At 9:44 AM , Anonymous Chuck and Jenny said...

Hey, you were right in our neck of the woods! The zoo is great fun! I'm glad to see everyone's doing so well!

Chuck, Jenny, and Joshua (home 1 month!)

At 4:20 PM , Blogger jen said...

Oh! Those are great pictures - love the captions!


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