Monday, October 08, 2007

Just Before Bed...

Each night Rhonda and I take turns putting Neti and Meke to bed. We alternate days of laying down between them just to talk for a few minutes in the dark. Despite the darkness, I was distinctly aware of the constant smile I just could not wipe off my face.

To the best of my memory I'll reconstruct our conversation. If nothing else you'll get the feel for the girl's conquest of the English language (next week will be three months since we brought them home).

Neti: Oops. I forgot a drink of water.

Daddy: OK. Hurry up and get a drink and come back to bed. (Neti leaves) How was school today Meke?

Meke: Meke says no eent [eat]

Daddy: No snack at school today?

Meke: (getting excited) Meke says...Meke...Meke...Me... Meke says house... House... Eat house.

Daddy: (confused pause) Oh. But no snack?

Meke: Yes.

Daddy: Yes snack?

Meke: No snack.

Daddy: What did you do, then?

Meke: House.

Daddy: House?

Meke: Eat house.

Daddy: OH! Eat house. (no clue)

Meke: Yes, eat house.

Neti: (returning to bed) I forgot potty.

Daddy: Did you go potty too?

Neti: I went potty.

Daddy: And get a drink?

Neti: I got a drink.

Meke: (excited, now half sitting up) Mommy....Mommy says....Mommy...Momm...Mommy says fiiiirst (pause for effect) go potty...

Neti: (trying to interrupt) Shhh, Meke, be quiet.

Meke: (doesn't notice) ...Two...two...two...first go potty....two, brush teeth...

Neti: (ignored) Quiet Meke, sleep!

Meke: (not stopping)...Brush teeth. Mommy says...Mommy says three, drink...

Neti: Close eyes, Meke. Sleep. SHHHHH!

Meke: Ma...Ma...Mommy says...Drink, mommy says drink. And bed.

Daddy: Drink before bed?

Meke: Drink before bed...and potty.

Neti: SHHHH! (long pause...everyone settles into their sleeping positions) Mommy's mommy and Daddy's mommy.

Daddy: You mean Mommy's mommy and Mommy's daddy?

Neti: Yeah, Mommy's mommy and Mommy's daddy. We see them.

Daddy: Yeah, they're coming here next week.

Meke: They're coming here next week.

Neti: I know Grandma Waal and Grandpa Waal.

Meke: I know Grandma Waal and Grandpa Waal.

Daddy: But this is a different Grandma and Grandpa. You haven't met them yet.

Neti: We drive there.

Meke: We drive there.

Daddy: No, they're coming here.

Meke: No, they're coming here, Neti. No, they're coming here.

Neti: Where are they sleep?

Daddy: I don't know. Maybe they'll sleep in Kailey's bed.

Neti: No, Kailey's bed too little. Too little. This bed biiiig. This BIIIIGGER bed for Kailey's. Mommy's mommy and Mommy's daddy sleep here, in this bed.

Meke: Sleep here, in this bed (pause) Meke says.

Daddy: OK, but where does Neti and Meke sleep?

Neti: Neti sleeps with Bethany, Meke sleeps with Kailey.

Meke: Mommy's mommy and daddy sleep here. Neeeetttti, sleep woof Bettany. Meeeekkeee, sleep woof Kailey.

Daddy: OK. Goodnight Neti, I love you!

Neti: I love you Daddy.

Daddy: Goodnight Meke, I love you!

Meke: Meke loves Daddy.

Daddy: And Daddy loves Meke.

Meke: Meke loves Daddy and Daddy loves Meke.

Daddy: Goodnight

(5 minutes of pretend sleep, both girls with arms around Daddy's neck)

Neti: (whispering) Daddy, it's Tuesday or Thursday?

Daddy: You mean today? Today is Monday.

Neti: (counting on her fingers in a whisper) MonDAY, TuesDAY, WednesDAY, ThursDAY, FriDAY...

Meke: SHHHH! Neti. Close eyes.

Neti: Meke! I'm trying...[to count] (whispering again) MonDAY, TuesDAY, WednesDAY, ThursDAY...

Meke: Meke says SHHHHH!

Neti: ...FriDAY, SaturDAY, SunDAY, MonDAY. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Eight, Daddy.

Daddy: Eight days.

Meke: Eight days.

Neti: Eight days Mommy's mommy and Mommy's daddy come.

Daddy: Yeah. Goodnight girls.


At 11:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe how well they are communicating in English! That was too cute!!! I love reading your blog.


At 1:11 AM , Blogger Tricia said...

Thanks, it was a good smile. Appreciate your consistency in sharing about your family. We are praying for you.

At 9:59 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

How precious! Makes me excited for the time I'll be able to have my own family.

At 10:43 PM , Blogger jen said...

Love it! :D They are doing great!

At 12:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss all you guys so much. I can't wait to see you guys when I come back. I hope that Netti and Meke haven't forgotten about me. O and Tracy can you e-mail me so I have your latest e-mail address? Thanks
Love you guys!!!


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