Tuesday, April 01, 2008


We recently found out that Neti and Meke had never seen a book up close before becoming members of our family. No one had ever read to them. We didn't realize it at the time but this picture taken in the Ethiopia airport lobby is probably one of Meke's first exposures to a book (7-15-07).

Most evenings when I get home from work Neti meets me at the door with book in hand and asks me to read. Tonight I told her I wanted her to read to me.

I asked her if she knew the letter sounds. She did. It was just a matter of putting them together. We got the ABC flashcards out and I started arranging words around the letter "A".

Buh - - aaaa - - duh

Buh - aa - duh


buh a duh


I wish I had the camera rolling to capture the moment when she first realized she read a word. (Had I been thinking I probably would've chosen a better first word).

We did as many three letter words as I could arrange...then four...then five. Each success was followed by a squeal and orders to "make another one, Daddy". Meke got in on the act too. She knows just about all of her letter sounds but was mostly unsuccessful in her attempts to meld them into a word.

Suh - - aaaa - - tuh

Suh - aaa - tuh



Not quite. She was able to get a few of the three-letter words. Her first word was "cat".

Tonight before bed, Neti read a beginning reader book to Meke.

Tomorrow she wants to read the Disney Princess Collection to Mommy.


At 8:02 AM , Blogger Dave said...

Interesting...I learned English by reading the back of cereal boxes and Aqua Man comic books...VERY cool they are progressing and kudos to your patience AND their desire to learn!

At 3:37 PM , Blogger Kyle said...

I learned English because I was forced to or the nuns made you stand in a corner. It is impressive that in less than a year your girls are smarter than I may ever be and it seems as if they are learning by leaps and bounds. You may have future doctors or lawyers in your midst!


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