Friday, January 12, 2007


Yesterday we went to the Oregon Police Department and were fingerprinted so we could get an Ohio BCI&I Civilian Background Check. I called the Ohio Attorney General's office today and found out we did it wrong. We were supposed to do the fingerprints electronically. We knew this but were told by the police department that they only do that for criminals, not adoptive parents. The Attorney General's office informed me that it'd take 45-60 days the way we did it (on a little card) as opposed to 2-10 days electronically. We're in the process of fixing that.

Today we went to Cleveland to be fingerprinted by the Feds. We filled out the I-600A form at the USCIS office so we can obtain the necessary I-171H. All I know is that it gets us one step closer to adopting. Don't even know what they're checking for.

By the time this is over with we'll be convinced we're safe to raise children.

Here's a picture of Rhonda talking to the Cell Phone Nazi at the Federal Building in Cleveland just minutes before being fingerprinted. It's the only picture I got before Mr. Nocellsallowed yelled at someone for answering his cell phone in the USCIS office.


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