Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Great Moments Thus Far

We're only a few months into this process and we've already had some great moments. These are the ones on my mind today:

  1. Sitting with Rhonda by the computer and showing her for the first time what I felt God was asking us to do together. I had no idea what she'd say.
  2. Rhonda's response: "I've had this feeling like there's something more I should be doing with my life. This is it!"
  3. Praying together and making the "final" decision as an entire family (approximately a two week process). Wow, was that ever amazing! Something the girls will never forget.
  4. That our girls were able to keep it a secret for nearly two months.
  5. That Rhonda wasn't!
  6. Bethany's and Kailey's decision to "downsize" independent of our influence or coersion. Both girls are giving up their rooms for a smaller one.
  7. Three teens telling me they want to donate all the money they made for our youth group's dinner theatre fundraiser to help us financially with our adoption. Right around $300! I was absolutely speechless. All I could do is cry.
  8. The generous monetary Christmas gift from our youth workers.
  9. Finding out that some of our friends are also adopting internationally. Sorry, it's a secret. They haven't told anyone yet (except us). I can't tell you who they are.


At 4:37 PM , Anonymous Dave said...

Hmmm. Seems pretty simple.

Seeking God's will, mixed with obediance and faith=unexpected blessings. Cool.


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