Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Paperwork

Rhonda and I spent a good part of the day finishing up several loose ends on our dossier (pronounced DOSS - ee - ay), the mound of paperwork required for the adoption.

We traveled 3 hours south to London, Ohio, to pick up the corrected BCI&I paperwork (the one mentioned in my previous post where they misspelled Rhonda's name).

Then off to the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts for Step 2* for that form.

Then off to the Wood County Clerk of Courts to do Step 2* for the form the Notary forgot to sign (mentioned in the previous post).

*Every piece of paperwork for the dossier has four steps (at least in Ohio):
  1. Notarization
  2. County Seal (verification that the Notary's still a good guy)
  3. State Seal (verification of, well, we don't know what...maybe that the guy from the county who said the Notary is a good guy is a good guy too???)
  4. US State Seal (verification that the guy from the state who said the guy from the county who said that the notary is a good guy is also a good guy - or hmmm...maybe that Ohio hasn't secceeded to the Confederacy???)

We don't know. We just do what we're told.


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