Sunday, March 18, 2007

The (real) Waiting Begins

If all went as planned our dossier was hand-delivered to America World's (our adoption agency)in-country staff representative in Ethiopia sometime this weekend. America World sent it with a Visiting Orphans mission team traveling to Addis Ababa that left the US on Thursday. We feel good about this after our scare with FedEx.

Now, we wait. The frequency of blog entries will probably drop back fairly significantly because we can't do anything. Except wait.

The documents will be translated into Amharic. Then the Ethiopian government agency responsible for adoptions will eventually get around to matching kids with our request (called a referral). Once we accept the referral it's only a matter of 4-6 weeks before we're on a plane to Ethiopia to pick up our kids.

Rhonda reads Ethiopian adoption blogs extensively. The last adoption from Ethiopia through our agency took only one month from dossier arrival in Ethiopia to referral. That's way out of the ordinary but within the realm of possibilty.


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