Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Rhonda's work (registered nurse) has gone crazy! Last month she changed from per diem (as needed) to part time because she was only getting 20 hours or less per month. All the money she makes goes directly toward the adoption.

She's normally scheduled to work two 12-hour shifts per week. Last week she was scheduled for Friday-Saturday. This week for Monday-Tuesday. That means she has worked four 12-hour shifts in the last five days!

Today, immediately after her 4-of-5 day run, she was scheduled to be on call (a requirement for part-timers). When I got home she was groggily (is that a word?) preparing for work. That's right, she's working tonight too...5-of-6 days. I'm not real thrilled. This is spring break week for the girls and Rhonda has been sleeping during their days.

I think this week has been hard on her. Since she works 7p-7a. It's gotta be hard changing sleep habits from one day to the next.

So we've gone from 20 hours per month to almost 60 hours in less than a week! How's that for balance?!?!


At 5:39 PM , Blogger Joel said...


I am so excited as I read down through all of your notes from the past couple of months - What amazing things God is doing in your hearts and in your family! God is so good to be so close to us and show us Himself and then ask us to be like Him!

I hope that we can get together with you guys again. It has been way too long!

Please say hi to Rhonda from me!

~Pam Tooley


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