Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Fast Track!

All of the sudden our lives have changed. We weren't expecting any information from our adoption for several more months. Now, we've got to fast-track everything. Our to do list:
  1. Finish going through our house and declutter.
  2. Sell all the accumulated junk to unsuspecting garage sale patrons.
  3. Get the new kids' room ready. (It'll be nice when this confidentiality agreement is over so we can use their names. We were OK with calling them "new kids" until before we actually saw their pictures and learned their names.)
  4. Buy the essential stuff for our new kids (beds, clothes, car seats, etc.)
  5. Get our immunizations for the trip.
  6. Decide whether our "old kids" are going to Ethiopia with us. Get their passports, immunizations, etc. (SHHHH! Don't let our girls know!)
  7. Make travel arrangements.
  8. Do the "quick remodel" of our upstairs bathroom...again! (We never seem to be able to get that done right!)
  9. Find replacements for myself for all the summer trips I'm accustomed to taking (youth mission trip, camps, etc.)

I may have missed something. I think these are the majors, though. All this will likely happen in the next 6-8 weeks in addition to our "regular lives".


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