Saturday, August 04, 2007

Is Sesame Street This Good?!?!?!

Rhonda brought home two small white dry erase boards yesterday. We gave them to Neti and Meke today expecting random scribbles. To our amazement Neti immediately began writing. She was on "G" before I could get the video camera.

She receieved absolutely no coaching from us and said every character out loud as she wrote it down. I think she's definately kindergarten material!

(Note: today is three weeks to the day we arrived home from Ethiopia!)


At 5:55 PM , Anonymous Katie R. - awaa/ethiopia said...

Do you think she learned this in Ethiopia (judging by their proficiency on the phone just after you got back)? Or do you think she picked alot of it up from Sesame Street?

Very impressive, either way! :)

At 9:12 PM , Blogger cjsanderson said...

Great Job Neti you are certainly ready for kindergarten!!! Love from me

At 10:59 PM , Blogger HawkOsky said...

In answer to Katie R. -

We think Neti must have picked this up somewhere in Ethiopia. We're guessing it happened pre-orphanage. Both girls were in some sort of preschool right before their parents died. Everyone associated with the orphanage either told us the girls spoke no English at all or said nothing about the subject. If they were taught English in the orphanage you'd think one of the workers would encourage the girls to speak at least some of the English words they were taught. We visited the girls for three days and no one encouraged them to speak any English.

Neti's also a sponge when Sesame Street is on. So I think it's a combination of the past memorization and what she's immersed in daily. It's all starting to gel for her. Now there's a place where it's necessary to apply her knowledge.


At 9:31 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

Way to go, Neti! You did a great job! :-) You'll do a great job in kindergarten. Love you!

Miss Park

At 11:23 PM , Blogger VisualmemoriesKN said...

Yes Sesame Street is that good. When I was Little (and still now) I watched sesame street when ever possible. That and Mr. Rogers and Barney taught me alot of stuff with regard to social skills and basic stuff I needed for school. I am envious of your girls who have the Veggie Tales I wish I had that kind of stuff to teach me the christian values that were not so prevelant back then. PBS rules when your little.



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