Thursday, August 09, 2007

Our First Family Outing

Last weekend we traveled down to the big metropolis of Gibsonburg to visit some close friends. The 30-minute drive officially made it the longest post-Ethiopia trip we've taken with our family of six. In addition to a visit to the neighbor's horse farm and the park, Neti found an 84 year old friend named JJ.


At 7:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, your family is beautiful. I wish my hubs would agree to adopt 2 precious babes, but I'm thankful for the one little guy we have coming. I have been following your story and so appreciate you sharing with us. Peace and best wishes, Christy

At 4:49 AM , Blogger Dave said...

LOVE the pictures (and the visit). We are having trouble convincing JJ she's now world famous. Yea, she must be that old, as she just got her AARD (American Association of Retired Dogs)card. You all have a beautiful family. Mucho blessings.

At 1:48 AM , Blogger VisualmemoriesKN said...

All this excitement in Gibsonburg????
This is the biggest thing to happen to that town ever. Time to take the girls Horse back riding or is this just practice for Iowa? Glad to see they are not scared of dogs any more.


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