Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who You Are

I've just spent the last hour sifting through the information you regular blog readers sent me at my request (see previous post). Over 40 of you responded. Thank you. I've printed them off. We're going to keep them in a safe place until Neti and Meke are old enough to read them.

This has been fun and humbling. Let's do FUN first.
  • There are three families in Michigan who live within 10 miles of each other who are currently in process of adopting from Ethiopia. So Michiganders, if this describes you and you'd like to meet each other, email me. If you're one of the families I'll connect whoever gives me permission to do so.
  • Someone found our blog by Googling "Mekdelawit" (Meke's full name)
  • "We found you in the AWAA Yahoo Group. The Waals are kinda rock stars in that circle." HA! First time Waal and Rock Star have never been used in the same sentence!
  • One reader's child (now living in Europe) was in the same orphanage and knows Neti and Meke!
The vast majority of you have a connection with Ethiopian adoption. Almost half of you are in the process of adopting while one-fourth of you have already adopted from Ethiopia.

Now, the HUMBLING part. I received a lengthy email from an adult who was adopted. This person shared how reading Neti and Meke's story has been "the catalyst that has allowed God to bring healing of memories stubbornly buried for almost a lifetime."

Then there's this. Seven readers indicated that they read about Neti and Meke as part of the process of deciding whether to adopt from Ethiopia. Here's a sample:

"I...was doing some internet surfing about Ethiopian adoption and Wham! there you were. I...have biological children [and have] been looking into adoption - why? I don't know for sure, but for some reason my heart is being tugged like crazy to the beautiful children of Ethiopia! After many prayers and a lot of time on the computer, I am still searching and praying about it."

How humbling to realize our simple words and experiences could have such power. We never thought of it that way. We were just keeping family informed.

Long ago Rhonda and I vowed to do whatever we can to promote adoption - especially from Ethiopia. Looks like I'll be blogging for awhile longer as a way of honoring that vow.


At 10:49 PM , Anonymous Holly said...

I told you that blogging CAN have an amazing impact! :)

Keep up the great work!



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