Saturday, April 12, 2008

A T-Shirt Story (Part 4)


This T-shirt thing has generated more email than any post in recent memory (maybe ever).

But there's more...

Another adoptive mother emailed me. Seems her daughter also has a significant connection with this shirt (the purple-striped one). If she gives permission I'll fill you in. If not, just know that the shirt has played a significant role in the adoption of a third little girl.

I feel a children's book coming on.


At 10:58 PM , Blogger Apryl said...

This is too wild! Handyman by day, children's author by night...go for it! Rhonda and I talked about this the other day-- Something you may want to look into!


At 8:45 AM , Blogger Susan said...

The children's book is a GREAT idea! Go for it! We'd buy it!

~Susan (AWAA Family)


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