Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ethiopian Food

Today we traveled to the Red Sea and ate Ethiopian food with our Toledo soon-to-be-parents-of-Ethiopian-children friends. (They only live 15 minutes away and are adopting two from Ethiopia. How cool is that?)

It's my first experience with injera, Ethiopian bread. No utensils. You eat by pinching the food with the bread. Injera is a spongy, sourdough-tasting tortilla of sorts.

The website is much more impressive than the restaurant itself. It seats about 25 people in tight quarters. Except for two other women, we were the only families there for the entire night. But the food was good. Our kids weren't too impressed. We bought them crazy bread from the pizza joint next door.

We did find out interesting things about our kid's names (which we cannot post because of confidentiality). Their names mean Mary and Freedom. And we've been pronouncing them right...mostly.


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