Friday, July 01, 2011

143 Million and Counting...

A shout out to all Naz NYCers who are passionate about changing the world for orphans...

Joel Tooley, James Smith, and I will be presenting a workshop at on Friday, July 9, in Room 116. We've all been youth pastors and we've all adopted!

143 Million and Counting: Caring for Orphans in a Broken World
Have you ever been or felt abandoned? 143 million children worldwide are orphans...children who have been abandoned or who have been left alone without a family. So, what is a young person like you suppose to do about such a significant issue? This workshop will explore God's expectation of His followers to care for orphans while providing an opportunity for you to become someone who can actually help restore this part of our broken world.

Hope you'll join us!

Click here to meet our adopted kids.


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