Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not Much New

For those of you waiting for new news...we probably won't hear too much until after our court date on May 31.

However, we are exploring the possibilities of leaving a few days early for Ethiopia to visit the work of Nazarene missions. If you haven't heard what's going on in Ethiopia, here's a quick article I clipped from OM International (Operation Mobilization):

Explosive church growth and evangelism in Ethiopia and Sudan has caused Nazarene missionary Howie Shute to call this "the greatest movement of God that I have seen in my lifetime. Churches are planting churches that are planting churches." The Nazarene south central district (including Ethiopia and Sudan) reported 200 churches in the last 1 1/2 years. In addition, more than 50 Bible study groups are in the process of becoming churches. "There are evangelists on the road and in the bush everywhere, all planting Bible studies and churches," he said. "They continue despite a lack of money." The denomination expects to plant more than 400 new churches this year while the Ethiopian leadership has a target of 1,000 new churches. "Pastors and congregations are being persecuted, but they are faithful to God's call to preach this message," Shute said. "The great miracle of Pentecost was 3,000 new believers in one day, but we have had 20,000 in one day praying for their sins to be forgiven!" [EVANGELICAL NEWS/HORN OF AFRICA NEWS 4/06]


At 8:11 AM , Blogger Chuck and Jenny said...

There's a Nazarene Ministry Center there in Addis that we are planning on visiting for a day or so. Other than getting our Joshua, that's the highlight of our trip!


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