Monday, July 09, 2007

Day 4 - Love, Daddy

July 9, 2007

Dear Neti and Meke

Because of your age you may not have a complete understanding of the significance of this day in your life. One day, I pray you’ll read this and understand.

Although today we met face-to-face for the first time, this isn’t the beginning of our relationship. You were born in our hearts long before we knew your name or saw your face. Something mysterious and unexplainable happened. For over nine months our household has felt like members of the family were missing. Our family has been unfinished without you with us. Not a day has gone by where we didn’t think of you, pray for you, or dream of the day we’d meet and bring you home.

That day has finally come. We commit to protect you, meet your needs, teach you, shape you, discipline you, and love you.

You are ours.

God has given you to us!

The fact that you are joining us later than normal doesn’t make you less a member of our family. Your skin color does not make you second-class daughters. This isn’t a trial run. We aren’t “trying you on” to see how it goes. This is for keeps. There’s no need to earn your position in the family. You are our daughters – fully members of the family. We love you. We commit to you no matter what the future holds. You are ours.

Our arms were made to embrace you. Our hearts were made to hold you. And like every member of this family, I will lay down my life for you.

If the day ever comes where you hear someone saying hurtful things…If ever you question whether you belong…If anything tries to rob you of your rightful place …If people tell you otherwise…

Let there be no confusion…

Our love remains.

God has given you to us.

You are ours.





At 2:56 PM , Blogger The Elliott Family said...

Wow. That was a beautiful letter.

Congratulations on you absolutely gorgeous family.

At 3:17 PM , Blogger Dave said...

OK, now I'm REALLY crying! What a beautiful letter. Blessings galore folks--they are simply beautiful people.

At 3:44 PM , Blogger Chuck and Jenny said...

Now I know why I shouldn't read blogs at work! I've been mentally composing a letter similar to this for months now.

Many many congratulations on finally having all your family together!

BTW, I thought it was ironic that you had dinner with Howie. I've been emailing him back and forth!

At 4:48 PM , Blogger Bekah's Granny said...

Okay now I have stopped with the tears! What a blessed day for you all! Thank you so much for sharing it with us all via your blogg!

At 7:39 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

I think I need to go get a Kleenex! are truely a man of God, and your daughters are so very lucky! Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

At 8:33 PM , Blogger cjsanderson said...

Ditto - ditto to everything!!!

At 10:23 PM , Anonymous kim v. said...

umm...would someome pass the kleenexes please...
great letter, poppy...the girls are lucky to have you :)

At 2:10 AM , Anonymous Pstrsusan said...

I don't know if you remember my telling you that adoption is one of the most spiritual experiences, but now you most certainly understand. When God brings it about as only He can, it is incredible. THANKS for blessing so many of us who are following your blog. The pictures, the words, and the passion...I for one have been checking it for my daily blessing!! My thoughts & prayers are with you!

At 1:19 AM , Anonymous Elana said...

Wow, that letter definitely got me cryingg, and it wasn't to me [so imagine how they'll reactt]! lol.

Tracy you're truly an amazing person and I'm sure you will be the best dad ever for these girls. (not saying that you're a bad dad to Kailey and Bethany ha) just saying... they're lucky.



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