Monday, July 09, 2007

Day 4 - The Secondary Stuff

All of the sudden everything we've done in Ethiopia pales in comparison to what we just experienced with our girls. But, while the video uploads (it's at 7% after 15 minutes) I'll update you on the rest of the day.

First, we found out that the orphanage that America World uses has a website. There's not much to it but I know how hungry adoptive parents are for any new information. We toured the orphanage and saw where Neti and Meke sleep. This is their bed. Eight girls sleep in two bunk beds in an 8'x10' room.

And something unexpected...we're planning to meet with Neti and Meke's grandmother on Wednesday. She's a "Servant of the Church" in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Basically, it's similar to a nun. Apparently she lives about an hour away. It'll be interesting to find out more information about the girls.

OK, that stuff's pretty significant. The rest isn't (in the large scheme of things), but here goes...

We met Girmachew (America World's in-country representative) this morning. GREAT guy with a real heart for what he's doing! He became our tour guide for the morning taking us all around town in our own Toyota Van taxi. If you're a back seat driver, you're in for a treat! In Ethiopia "everyone yields to everyone" (or is that "no one yields to no one"?). Rhonda held her tongue well by grabbing my knee and squeezing.

We started at the shopping area by the post office with authentic hand-made Ethiopian stuff. Rhonda's much better at bartering than I am. I ask for the price and pay it figuring it's better than any price I'd ever get in the US.

Then we went to an Ethiopian coffee house where we purchased 10 pounds of the best Ethiopian coffee beans available for less than $25. This is the same stuff they sell at Starbucks for $12-15 for a half-pound!

Then lunch at a place called Abesha - authentic Ethiopian food. It went against everything my mom ever taught me to eat with my bare hand. At the end of our meal we took part in a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony in a hut. The coffee's way too strong for me! I don't like it to begin with.


At 5:07 PM , Blogger VisualmemoriesKN said...

We will have to have some coffee when you get back im gald to hear you are haveing fun.


At 1:44 PM , Anonymous Kelly Yak said...

That is awesome! Next spring you'll have to go to the Orthodox Easter is from 11pm to 2am Easter-eve. Good thing Kailey had hair-petting practice!!!


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